In becoming a globally recognized network, AWN seeks to empower women peacebuilders in Kenya and the world over. This is done by supporting its members to benefit from available opportunities including training, capacity building and networking.

Who can be a member of AWN?

AWN draws its membership from both individuals and organizations who share its passion to help women flourish.

If you do not want a membership, you can do a donation Your support is crucial to help us grow, employ staff, develop new features, resource guides, and more.


Like-minded organizations working on peace, governance, development, and other relevant fields. Organizations working with women are also permitted to partner. Annual fee of 3,000


Individuals and professionals who are actively engaged in peace building and have demonstrated clarity in dealing with women. Annual fee of 1,000

Individuals and organizations

Registration fee for both categories. One off 1,000

Benefits of the Network

  1.  Platform to network with other women in peace building profession/industry
  2. Periodic sharing of available opportunities in the industry including fellowships, trainings, job opportunities, conferences and events
  3. Training opportunities in peace building, conflict resolution and development with an emphasis on women.
  4.  References and recommendation
  5.   Opportunities for coaching, mentorship and up skilling.
  6.   Sharing of lessons and experiences through networking.
  7.   Joining a database of women in peace building.
  8.   Attending annual general meetings.
  9.   Receiving monthly newsletter.
  10. Interactions with seasoned industry leaders
  1. Platform for organizations to showcase their work