Our Story

Our Story

Amani Women Network (AWN) is a coalition of women organizations, groups and individuals from Kenya that are actively involved in advocacy and work towards peaceful coexistence in the country. AWN places special focus on collaborative approaches to conflict prevention and peace building.

Thus, the Network works with diverse actors from the civil society, the government, the private sector and other partners in a bid to establish a platform for networking, experience sharing, and learning. All these complementing efforts are geared towards enhancing the impact of women in sustainable peace.


Peaceful communities in which women are empowered to effect positive change that inspires social justice, compassion and empathy.


To promote women’s contribution to social justice, peace and development in communities through research, policy advocacy, networking and capacity building.


  • 1. Provide a platform for women peace workers to network, gain knowledge and share experiences
  • 2. Strengthen the capacity of women peacebuilders with the aim of enhancing their contribution to social justice, peace and development
  • 3. Conduct research on women and peace
  • 4. Create favorable conditions for women's participation in peace building and conflict management
  • 5. Bring together strategic national and regional actors in awareness raising activities to promote women’s involvement in peace processes