1. a)    Research, Policy and Advocacy


  • Undertake primary and secondary quantitative, qualitative and spatial research;
  • Provide technical research assistance and support to women peace organizations
  • Collaborate with research institutions


  • Collaboratewith various Government Departments on policy formulation;
  • Provide policy technical advice to relevant stakeholders;
  • Promote and facilitate policy writing;
  • Support the strategic development of policy competence.


  • Develop and disseminate research findings and policy recommendations
  • Lobby for theempowerment of women to deliver peace in their communities
  • Formulate and  develop responsive public awareness strategies and programmes for the  achievement of the objectives
  • Facilitate policy discussions and stakeholder engagements on issues related to the objectives of the Network
  1. b)    Networking & Communication
  • Create a pool/ database of women organizations working on peace
  • Develop and disseminate Information, Education and Communication programmes for the  promotion peace at grassroots and national levels
  • Provide a platform for experience sharing, cross-learning and showcasing of peace work


  1. c)    Gender Empowerment and Capacity Building
  • Train women organizations and individuals to enable them actively engage in social justice, peace and development issues
  • Offer technical support to women working in the field of peace and conflict
  • Coordinate stakeholders working in women empowerment for the course of peace

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